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>> above. It would be possible to
>> adapt
>> either the Akkadian or the Old Persian system
>> to English.  But I fail to
>> see how
>> this would be any improvement on what we now
>> have.  However, it could be an
>> interesting experiment.
> As far as I can tell, Persian cuneiform was
> consonant first. There were signs for A, I and U
> however, which could be combined with other signs
> to make a vowel first syllable.

Yes, you are right.  The Old Persian cuneiform script
had only CV and V symbols.

It was Akkadian system, which was used for many centuries,
and for several other languages besides Akkadian that
had CV, V and VC symbols, as well as a whole host of
'Sumerograms' which functioned rather like Hanji in modern

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