Easy Ones

Please write to your friend in this room and with this pen an essay about
your conlang in your script but in English.
Se basadiha-me feba feba-ye *josivaroha-che feba-ye *diwivaroha-fe-je sepe
This room-in    you your     conlang-about your    letters-by but
*Engelisha-me *jivaroha se *limaja-je ku wivarohajo.
English-in   essay this writingbrush-by kindly write.

I baked the dough and the cake was soon baked.
Seba *zepaga *wipagapo, ge *gipaga *zele *pagapo-si.
I     dough    baked    and cake    soon baked-was.

This bottle was filled with wine and that other one was full of water.
Se fimaja gima-je fufejo-si, ge ve fimaja ma-je fefujo-si.
This bottle wine-by filled-was, and that bottle water-by filled-was.

Now both are empty so please refill them.
Zewa-me kyfe *hefujo-i, se kere sefe ha-fe ku wefufejo.
Nowtime-in both empty, this from these things kindly refill.

How Perceptive:

Let me smell your flowers.
Feba seba feba-ye liga-fe slo-gi ku ko.
You me your flowers smell-to kindly give.
(I and you here are both masc. sing.)

Canm you smell them?
Feba vega-fe slo-ji-hi?
You plants pl. smell-can-query.

This flower smells of honey.
Se liga girafaga-jele slajo.
This flower honey-like smells.

Flowers perfume the room with a heady scent.
Liga-fe basadiha fugegi sla-je gislijo.
Flowers room very sweet smell-by perfume.

When I look at you,I see your father.
Seba feba cho-mi, seba feba-ye dakoba cho.
I     you seeing, I your father see.

Seba *patepo-si *tejorafa witlo,ge se ha gitafa-jele witlajo.
I grilled cricket tasted, and this thing chicken-like tasted.

The snow-capped top appeared through the clouds.
Ritama-je *tehajo-si teha *tamaha-fe-le *wichosijo.
Snow-by covered top clouds-through appeared.

My vision of the mountain is blurred like your vision of life is.
Seba-ye tifisa-ye *chomiha feba-ye foha-ye jivajoha-jele *huchi.
 My     mountain-of sight your life-of understanding-like blurred.

I am obsessed by her thought.
Seba veka-ye *vaha-je *vabo-si.
I her thought-by obsessed-am.

You look lost in your thoughts.
Feka feka-ye vaha-fe-me *hebo-i chosijo.
You your thoughts-in lost appear.
(You here is fem.sing.)


Our victory is your defeat.
Seba-fe-ye *tewoboha feba-fe-ye *newoboha.
Our victory, your defeat.
"Our" and "your" are both

My blow causes and results in your injury.
Seba-ye *biboha feba-ye *bimeha *kerejo ge *kerevejo.
My blow your wound causes and results (in)

Your injury results from my blow.
Feba-ye bimeha seba-ye biboha-ke *kerevejo.
Your injury my blow-from results.

I love you although you smell.
Seba feka givajo, *hileve feka hu slajo.
I you love, although you badly smell.

You smell, but I still love you.
Feka hu slajo, sepe seba *vele feka givajo.
You badly smell, but I still love you.

I'll accept you if you beg me.
Here feba seba-be nuvo-vi, seba *kudo-vi.
If you me-to humbly-pray-will, I you accept-will.

Your begging to me shall condition my acceptance.
Feba-ye seba-be nuvomiha seba-ye *kudoha *johako-vi.
Your me-to (high) prayer my acceptance condition-will.

The skulls, hung dangling from the heavy pillars on which the thatched roof
*Vajasa-fe  fisaleva-i *fitisa-fe-ke *keneno *leneno-mi; sefe fitisa-fe-te
*nigateha-i teha *wileno.
Skulls heavy pillars-from hang dangling; these pillars-on thatched roof

Ze-i *lujoha: seba botiga-ke fo-mi tiga-ye tigaha-me *dinoja-ye vejoja wimejo.
Modern art: I staff-from living wood-in tree-of wood-in chair-of leg-in

John Leland