From: "Aleksander Helgaker" <[log in to unmask]>
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 10:26 PM
Subject: Creating a dictionary for my conlang in LaTex

> High guys. Just wondering how you guys suggest I go round creating a
> dictionary for my conlang Madlovik. Because I want to print it etc, I've
> been thinking about using LaTex. Can you recommend this? Where can I find
> info and suggestions on writing a dictionary for my conlang?
> NOTE: I've never used LaTex before so I'll need some good info on that to.

As has been suggested to me when I asked a question about LaTeX (indeed with
big L, T and X): You'd better ask this on the LaTeX for Conlangers list at

If you use Windows, download & install MikTeX (, full
installation prefered (but it's ~100MB to download!). As a second, look for
tutorials, that's all I can say. Well, I could mail you the comprehensive
and big one I read through, it's a good tutorial I think, but it's in
German, unfortunately :(

To give you an idea of how something like that might look like:


\title{ \Huge \textbf{\textsc{Title here!}}\\[1.0cm]


\maketitle    <== it's not necessary, \title, \date and \author is neither.

\begin{longtable}{p{2cm} p{3.5cm} p{3.5cm}}    <= Defines column widths!
  \textbf{a.} & auch   & \textit{also}\\       <= "&" is the cell border
  \textbf{adj} & Adjektiv  & \textit{adjective}\\
  \textbf{adv} & Adverb  & \textit{adverb}\\
  \textbf{Akk.} & Akkusativ  & \textit{accusative}\\


And look into your private inbox - I've sent you the LaTeX Command Reference
coming with LaTeX.

Carsten Becker