Sorry, that was no unicode at all. Here's the same thing again, Unicoded this

--- Elliott Lash skrzypszy:

>Here are some Nindic Sentences that I was translating
>the other day. Choose one if you'd like...I'd like to
>see some translations though..

Okay, here's some Wenedyk.

<unicode alert!>

(1) "What is your name?"

Komód siej apiołasz?

(2) "My Wenedyk is limited/small."

Miej Wenedyk jest krzeczat.

(3) "Do not question her. Please, I will take care of

Nie kwierz lej niół. Kwiaru, jego oskupabu siej ku lej.

(4) "I am no fool, but I am lost."

Nie su rotat, wiec przedszy siej.

(5) "Your anger is very dangerous. Who will save her if you hurt her?"

Twia ferza jest mółtu przykłoza. Ki sałwawry łą komód łą

</unicode alert>


"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito."

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