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>Philippe Caquant wrote:
>> As to liaisons, something interesting happened when
>> euro took the place of french franc. There is a
>> grammatical rule that says that the word “cent” should
>> be used as a plural in expressions like “trois cents
>> francs”, but as a singular in expressions like “trois
>> cent vingt francs”.

>So, French places the smaller unit first, 3 cent 20 francs, instead of
>20 francs 3 cents?  Interesting.  What would "trois cents francs" mean?
>Is that .03 franc?

I think you're misinterpreting here.

"trois cents francs" = "three hundred [300] francs"
"trois cent vingt francs" = "three hundred twenty [320] francs" (not "twenty
francs & three centimes").