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>>Here are some Nindic Sentences that I was translating
>>the other day. Choose one if you'd like...I'd like to
>>see some translations though..

In Orēlynna:

>>(1) Io ei nowad íl?
>>"What is your name"

female addressee: āna lonnāsa? (if addressing a female)
male addressee:   āna lonnadsa? (if addressing a male)
                   what name.your

>>(2) Pan ei Dinneg i.
>>"My Nindic is limitted/small"

Nindikosa lōrðe. (or: orēlynnaosa lōrðe, in my case :) ) small.

>>(3) Ni belchyr efann  echidd. Neiddaw, seffraenaw ni.
>>"Do not question her. Please, I will take care of

male addressee:   tohenþiltido kua.        ivlul, dōnoreyro kua.
female addressee: tohenþiltika kua.        ivlul, dōnoreyro kua.
                   IMP.question.NEG.2S her. please.INTJ care-for.1SmF her

There is no equivalent contruction for 'to be', so the copula is implied
by the juxtaposition of Subject and Predicate.

That's enough for now.

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