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> I've thought about it and have decided not to include X-SAMPA on the
> Ithkuil website, for the selfish reason (I'm sorry to say) that I find X-
> SAMPA ugly and uncouth.

<shameless plug>
Then you might want to give CPA a try...
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>       Therefore, I am posting them here on the list
> instead for Trebor and anyone else interested.
> Labials:           p   p_h   p_>    b                       m
> Labiodentals:                              f    v
> Labio-velar:       w
> Dentals:           t   t_h   t_>    d      T    D           n
> Alveolars:         s   ts    ts_h   ts_>        z    dz
> Retroflex:         s`  t`s`  t`s`_h  t`s`_>     z`   d`z`   4
> Alveolopalatal:    S   tS    tS_h   tS_>        Z    dZ
> Palatals:          c   c_h   c_>    J\     C    j\   cC_>   j
> Velars:            k   k_h   k_>    g      x    G    kx_>   N
> Uvulars:           q   q_h   q_>    G\     X         qX_>   R
> Pharyngeals:                               X\
> Glottal:           ?                       h
> Laterals:          l    K    L\    cK_h
> There is also a apico-alveolar retroflex liquid continuant which is similar
> to English word-initial r\` except that the Ithkuil sound has apico-
> alveolar contact.  Essentially a mixture of /l/ and /r\`/.
> NOTE:  /4/ becomes /r/ when geminated; semi-vowel /M\/ also occurs as a
> final element of diphthongs only.
> Vowels:
> i  y    }    M  u
> I            U
> e  2         7  o
> E  9            O
> {      &     A

That's quite a few phonemes, much like Danny Wier's systems.
(What happened to him?  Haven't seen him posting here for quite a

Or to put it differently:

Ithkuil is essentially bad Katanda spoken by Techians, written
in Klingon letters drawn with a ruler.