takatunu wrote:

>This weak I made 4 different batches as variations on one theme. I guess I
>made a few English mistakes but I hope they are not to confusing.

You've used a lot of verbal nouns here: my X(-ing), your X(-ing). When I
get my head into Rhean mode, there's this weird aversion to allowing
nonfinites to have a subject. No idea why.

>Easy ones:
>Please write to your friend in this room and with this pen an essay about
>your conlang in your script but in English.

Kraza, i toya ceyam nap toya yöcum u lai druz'u ora lai g'aduizkam upabad
zagacyet, nap lai kiradom ak' Anglavam.

please , in this room-INST by this pen-INST to your friend-DAT about your
conlang-INST essay(-ACC) write-2SG:IMP , by your script-INST but English-

>I baked the dough and the cake was soon baked.

Voz iyekiom ki göci bala iyekibza as'e.
dough(-ACC) bake-1SG:PAST and cake soon bake-PASS be:3SG:PAST

>This bottle was filled with wine and that other one was full of water.

Toya bedil rocbas' as'e ki eya k'ok s'ulabas' as'e.
this bottle wine-full be:3SG:PAST and that other water-full be:3SG:PAST

>Now both are empty so please refill them.

Lud lakie wos', tian loonyet kraza.
now both* empty , them:ACC fill-2SG:IMP please


>How Perceptive!:
>Let me smell your flowers.

Lai zaarin vetryem cai.
your flowers-ACC smell-1SG:IMP "please"


Lai zaarin vetrak yan asmyat.
your flowers-ACC smell-INF me:ACC let-2SG:IMP

>Can you smell them?

Vetrak ret?
smell-INF can-2SG ?

>This flower smells of honey.

Toya zaarom myeca vetra anc'e.
this flower-INST honey-GEN smell exist:3SG

("With this flower exists the smell of honey")

>Flowers perfume the room with a heady scent.

Zaari nap duuksoi vetram ceyan agbemaciz.
flowers by heady scent-INST room-ACC perfume-3PL

>When I look at you I see your father.

Lozt goliam ba lai toc'et mirim.
you-DAT COND your father(-ACC) see-1SG

>I tasted the grilled cricket and it tastes like chicken.
Bliz'o-tilik umayaim ki fkus tawokmik.
grill-cricket(-ACC) taste-1SG:PAST and flavour chicken-like

>The snow-capped top appeared through the clouds.
Los'kriifec' suz k'au oblen unaz'ios'.
sonw-covered peak through clouds-ACC appear-3SG:PAST

>My vision of the mountain is blurred like your vision of life is.
Broma yai miro nunie enoc'ar lai miro maara c'e.
mountain-GEN my vision like life-GEN your vision blurred be:3SG

>I am obsessed by her thought.
Jortaar karjo yai diin glama.
F-3SG:GEN thought my mind(-ACC) hold-3SG

>You look lost in your thoughts.
I karjoim g'ömmibza nisrat.
in thoughts-INST lost* look-2SG

*g'ömmek "bury, submerge"

>Our victory is your defeat.
Yei gzamo lei weimud.

>My blow causes, and results in, your injury.
Yai dövmo lai snanut sace.
my blow your injury(-ACC) cause-3SG
Yai dövmo lai snanutu slic'a.
my blow your injury-DAT result-3SG*

*OR |ödore| (also "go back, return")

>Your injury results from my blow.
Lai snanut yai dövmor slic'ad c'e.
" the result of..."

>I love you although you smell.
Rank'at dire lon yuvim.
smell-2SG though you:ACC love-1SG

>You smell but I still love you.
Rank'at ak' mitale lon yuvim.
smell-2SG but regardless you:ACC love-1SG

>I'll accept if you beg me.
Adis yant jahtat ba ükicirma.
if me:DAT bag-2SG COND accept-1SG:FUT

>Your begging to me shall condition my acceptance.
Du yant jahtat yai ükicuta macasmi yere.
that me:DAT beg-2SG my acceptance-GEN condition be:3SG:FUT

>The skulls hung dangling from the heavy pillars on which the thatched roof
Kni blegi deflokim ot nuim zvimasa dras' yec'ais' ai raci jipendioz.
from* heavy pillars on which straw-GEN roof sit-3SG:PAST SUBJ skulls m-hang-

>Modern art--I pegged a chairleg into the trunk of a tree stemming from a
Luddrinac' elo -- i ez mastar jardar bolama spaldot s'ucar jamban tempiom.
modern art -- into from pole-GEN protrude-PP tree-GEN trunk-DAT chair-GEN
leg-ACC pound-1SG:PAST