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>Staving Amanda Babcock:
>>This is, of course, one of our traditional Essentialist Explanations,
>>and not any sort of slur upon your opus :)
>Šis remindež me one šat haž been going around my head for a hwile.
>Catalan is essentially še secret passwords toget into places half-price in

Thanks, Amanda.  I'll add it to John Cowan's "rococo" description as one of
the more colorful reactions I've gotten.

As for Catalan, Pete, I yelearned šat še hard way during my first trip to
Spain back in '86 during a period of Catalan nationalist/separatist fervor.
Half the taxis in Barcelona had signs saying "libre" (= "available") and
the other half said "lliure", the Catalan equivalent.  I made the mistake
of getting into a "lliure" taxi and stating my address in Spanish.  On še
bright side: it led me to later study Catalan.

--John Quijada
  Visca Catalunya lliure!