Philippe Caquant wrote:
> How do you express ideas like:

I'm only filling in the Orēlynna of some of them because I lack the
lexical items for a lot of it. However, the grammar is sufficient to
supply interlinears for how most of it would work.

> - I see the river you crossed over

suno  hulānueþmy    go  iþāndot                     al   eþa.
see.I river-the.ACC REL over it.LOC

> - I see the river you were strolling along

suno  hulānueþmy    go  hunrykat                  il     eþa.
see.I river-the.ACC REL beside it.LOC

> - I see the roof the tile has fallen from

see.I roof-the.ACC REL [has fallen] it.ELATIVE

> - I see the roof the crows are flying over

see.I roof-the.ACC REL flying crows over it.LOC

> - I see the table the cat is hiding under

see.I table-the.ACC REL hiding cat-the under it.LOC

> - I see the man whose song is known worldwide

suno  anudomy     go  koþedal andal  oðel ēlynnadasa
see.I man-the.ACC REL knows*  humans all song.his[GEN]
*I don't have a working passive voice yet, but this would not be passive

> - I see the girl the guys fighted for

Do you mean: I see the girl the guys fought over/about?

suno  anukamy*      go  ðogikedalt  andolmy  la    dea.
see.I woman-the.ACC REL REFL.fought guys-the about 3PS.DAT(oblique)
*The word for 'girl' (anhyka) means strictly a girl-child, which I don't
think is appropriate in this context.

> - I see the girl you couldn't live without

suno  anukamy       go  bintidoþ                 damo       na  galeneyr
see.I woman-the.ACC REL 3PS.ABESS. [to] live

> - I see the reason the reason why (the reason for
> which) the whole damned thing doesn't work...

I haven't worked this semantic construction out yet (the 'why' and the

> (Let's stop it and have a break)

Good idea. Actually, I need vocabulary and some more
semantic/syntactical holes closed in the grammar.

James Worlton
          "We know by means of our intelligence
          that what the intelligence does not
          comprehend is more real than what it
          does comprehend."
                           --Simone Weil