Andreas Johansson wrote:

>>i [i]    [y]   u [u]
>> [e]           o [o]
>> [E]    [9]    [O]
>>a [a]

>>From your CXSifications, the grave seems to round, not retract, but yes, this
> is well more systematic. Only thing to complain of would be not having
> something e-derived for [e], but you can't get everything.

Errr... No, it's an X-SAMPAfication.  ;-)

Any way, I agree with you: something e-related is better for [e]. Besides,
the point of articulation needn't to be so obvious and all this acute and
grave accents are not so legible. There was a reason why I chose the trema.
So, here come my new (arbitrary) table of vowels:

i [i]    [y]   u [u]
e [e]           o [o]
 [E]    [9]    [O]
a [a]

"" stands for [2_c] (less rounded i.e. more opened) which I will simplify
as [9] because [2_c] is such a PITA! And I'll get rid of a lot of "h" with a
more obvious orthography: Version 13! (Lucky number!)

Now, I can go and search and replace. This orthography version 12 didn't
live long and prosper...

By the way, thanks for being such a merciless critic!  ;-)

bi-katlu soe, [bi:^ka.CtOlu soe] (until soon)

Remi Villatel
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