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> En réponse à Muke Tever :
>> michael poxon <[log in to unmask]> wrote (re "Niépce")
>>> To me the name looks vaguely Slavonic. Maybe an emigre from the East?
>> Odd, from here it looks pretty clearly like a Romance word for "niece"
>> (L neptia), tho I'm not sure that'd see much use as a surname.
> In French it's "nièce" (where do you think you got the word from? :)) ).
> Indeed, "Niepce" could be an archaic spelling due to its use as last name
> (in which case I'd expect it to be pronounced [njEs]). But I'd still
> expect it to be written "Niepce" or "Nièpce". The acute accent doesn't
> belong there.

Perhaps there was a dialect that had E > [je].

(I thought old Ibran might have had this, but the word is only <nieuce>

And I have, I think, finally figured out the mnemonic behind SAMPA [2] and
[9] for the vowels behind them:  the X-SAMPA file lists Fr. <deux> and
<neuf> as examples.  Now, remembering which IPA symbol is which is still a
bit harder...

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