Trebor wrote:

Could anyone give me a list of the possible combinations of Arabic infixed vowels and affixes, and their meanings, or a list of necessary concepts if one was to create a language based on triconsonantalism.>>

Okay, this isn't as bad as asking for a list of the transitive and intransitive verbs of English, but man!  It's kind of like asking a roomful of physicists, "Can you explain to me what physics is and how it relates to humans?"  What you should do is find an Arabic grammar book or a TY Arabic book with a good apendix and look in the back (or the front).  The reason is that there are (if I'm remembering right) 14 different /awzaan/ (patterns) for Arabic nouns (14 singular, 14 dual and 14 plural, I should say), plus exceptions, and 10 different for verbs (disregarding the person endings, which is a different set of tables).  To give this as an example (with the traditional faa 'ayn and laam root) would be more than any one person could be expected to do.

To give you an idea, in general, of the basic kinds of things you'll find, though:


There will be lots of different vowels in for those V's, though, long and short.