En réponse à Elyse M. Grasso :

>[Note: You know you're an anime fan if the first Japanese verb you learned in
>the imperative was "die".


>You know you're REALLY an anime fan if the Japanese verbs you recognize in the
>most conjugations are die, kill, suffer, fight, conquer, attack, destroy,
>understand, believe and protect... not quite the basis for productive
>business relationships or a safe tourist environment.]

Well, your idea of anime fan is a bit one-sided. You can be an anime fan 
and know only words like "Are you okay?", "impossible!", "thank goodness", 
"transformation", "now!" and the like, without knowing all this violent 
stuff. It all depends what kind of anime you watch, but it doesn't make you 
less a fan (Having all the episodes and movies of Sailor Moon and Card 
Captor Sakura for instance, I think I can be called anime fan, and yet I 
know very little of all this violent vocabulary, while I can shout all the 
expressions I gave without even thinking about it :)) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.