En réponse à Aleksander Helgaker :

>High guys. Just wondering how you guys suggest I go round creating a
>dictionary for my conlang Madlovik. Because I want to print it etc, I've
>been thinking about using LaTex. Can you recommend this? Where can I find
>info and suggestions on writing a dictionary for my conlang?
>NOTE: I've never used LaTex before so I'll need some good info on that to.

As said before, I advise you to put that question on the 
LaTeX-for-Conlangers group (if you have no yahoo profile, you still can 
subscribe by sending en empty post to 
mailto:[log in to unmask] Otherwise, just go 
to and join from 
there). The group could do with a little bit of traffic and this subject is 
quite off-topic here :) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.