In a message dated 2004:02:19 11:34:28 PM, geneticist & music theorist friend
John Chalmers quotes me & writes:

>> Proud to be a Race Trader! Race & Culture Mixin' is the Future!
>That's what's kept us one species so far-- let's hear it for what used
>to be called miscegenation <G>.
>I saw an article on geneology in our local paper. There are a number of
>commercial services doing DNA typing to determine ancestry. A number of
>people were surprised that they had recent East Asian ancestry rather >than
Native American, African. Some people who were cultural Afro->American were
over 90% European and a number of people had Near >Eastern genes, presumably
from Jewish ancestors.
>Personally, I think Yurp is a genetic black hole-- invaded by Moors, Huns,
>Turks, Mongols, Avars, Magyars, Finns, Estonians, PIE speakers. Given >that
any two humans are over 99% identical genetically, ancestry and race >are not
very meaningful. Culture (in several senses) is more important.

    Ah more Mutt than Jeff, jus' as Harrison suspected...

    "The whole world of musics and instruments lives around us....I am
interested in a 'transethnic,' a planetary music."  - Lou Harrison ("...Europe is a
region he called Northwest Asia...")

"...Then out to the flaming stars...
From then, eventually unshackle time,
& traverse galaxies..." - Lou Harrison

- an exchange 'twixting 'tween _moi_ and music composer & fellow "pagan"
Jacky Ligon:

>This winter has been brutal on my flutes.  I've lost three to terminal
>cracking.  One flute that passed was tuned to an 11 limit just intonation
>sub-harmonic scale.  One of my favorite (former) ritual flutes.

    Rituals, eh? I knew we had much in common. I even have a "scientific"
justification/rationale for "ancestor worship": the oft-time racist/ethnocentric
"fringe science" theory of _genetic/racial memory_ (which my Mom, a retired
nurse & nursing instructor, subscribes to...)

     My friend John Ian Yin, who is married to a "white", and leadin' Shao
Long Tong, jokes tongue-in-cheeky Cantonese-style about Europeans:

    What do you expect from a race which spent more eons in caves than any
other race? Of course these stir-crazy motherfuckers will come out of their
caves raring to conqueror everything in the world that they fear and loathe.

    Incidentally, Yin doesn't think Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, etc. are
"Euro" - "They are Asian." Also he thinks the long winters and wide open
stretches of the Steppes must have driven these particular peeples "majorly crazy."
(In one of his "shifts" of his family's ex-military bodyguards, one is
Chechen and another is Russian, with the Chechen in charge... go figger _that_ level
of mindgamemanship...)

- other humour while I am on a steam-roll, an exchange 'twixt me &
DANDREA***, antiquarian book-man:

D >SMA (Self-Mutilator's Annon.).   I never heard of this one before!  Maybe
>because they are anonymous?

me:  LOL... there's even a CCA (Conspicous Consumers Anon) and a PAA (Phone
Abusers Anon)... *eek!* a BLAAA (Beastal Lust and Animal Abuse Anon) and NSA
(Necrophilic Sex Anon) [and boy do those fuckers need it!]

>     Kind of reminds me of an old joke: A masochist and a sadist meet at
>a party.  The Masochist:   "Beat me, beat me."
>Sadist:        "no"

*snarfle!* As a chronic relapsin' SMAer with manic Disassociative Personality
Disorder, I have that very situation in my head every day...