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>i)   make sure your verbs have ameleorate and pejorative forms that apply
>to tense...
>e.g.   past ameleorate, denoting action occurring in the good old days
>past pejorative, denoting action occurring in the dark ages
>present & future ameleorate, denoting action occurring in this wonderful
>age of progress
>present & future pejorative, denoting action occurring in this wretched,
>deteriorating world

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>I like this bit!

    Me, too, Estel (BTW, Estel, I noticed ever since you arrived here on the
list that we seem to share a lotta conlang aesthetics/stylistics in common).

    Neat-o idea that would reaaaally truly fit in with the worldview of my
conlang goomeelegoo!!! Though I would prefer usin'/abusin' grammatical particles.

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>One more brilliant idea :
>r) Split any sentence in 2 simultaneous 'voices' (if
>oral) or 'lines' (if written): the main voice (throat
>voice for ex) is used for the predicate, and the
>secund one (whistling voice ?) for the metapredicate
>(modalities). So you'll get to something like :
>1st voice: The quick brown fox jumps  over the lazy
>2nd voice: this is true, I witness it - - how bad to
>be so lazy !
>I can't see why you should be laughing. Mongols use
>two-voice singing quite naturally. Then if your hands
>and ears are free, you can use them in the same time
>to denote deference towards your interlocutor, by
>moving them in various ways. And tap your feet on the
>floor to indicate which words should be understood as
>in italics, bold or underlined.

    Have you seen the Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series version
of _Dune_?
    The secretive language of the (sp?) BeneGesserit is IIRC/AFAIK
sorta like what you describe...

    Googolplex thanx for such entertaining ideas, all uber mangalanger
komraden (Entschuldigen Sie mein schlechtes Xeno-Deutsch).

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