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>Today I received a copy of the Polish magazine "Wiedza i Zycie", the
>monthly scientific appendix to one of Poland's largest newspapers,
>the "Gazeta Wyborcza". It contains an article by Dorota Gut about several
>constructed languages (well-known to us) under the title "Nowa Mowa" >(New
>Personally I like the style of it: it is written with humour and with
>respect for our creations at the same time.

    Just a couple of months ago, I happened to been talking with a Polish
trade unionist and part-time science-&-arts journalist visiting here in the
states. He asked me if I was working on a language since I had several languages'
dictionaries and grammar books with me and my caffeine&nicotine at a cafe in
the People's Republic of Berkeley, CA.
    An urgent page from his American girlfriend cut our wonderfully mangled
polyglottic chatter tragically short. I didn't "get" his name either...

    What's with Poles, languages and a "pro-conlang attitude" o_0? You'd
think the Swiss would be more like this...AFAIK the Dutch are pretty close to
having a "pro-conlang attitude" ;)

> [...] If one of the authors of
>the languages above has noticed a drastic increase in the number of
>visitors of his pages, this is probably the reason.

    ::envious glare at lucky overwhelmed ones:: Ah to be that frikkin' lucky!

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