Andreas wrote:

"I guess that would be Ferenc Valoczy. Anyone know what happened to him?"

His name rings a bell... Speaking of what happened to people, a lot of the
old conlangers have disappeared from the community. Pablo rarely posts, Mark
doesn't (although he still runs the ZBB), Rick Morneau, Sally Caves, and
Rick Harrison don't seem to be active, and neither is Padraic - he hasn't
posted for quite a while either - what happened to him?...or are they just
not on Conlang? At least, Rick Harrison's site is very rarely updated, so he
must be pretty busy. But where did they all go?

I googled for "ferenc valoczy" and came up with these links:
(at the bottom there are three links, after Ferenc's sig - interesting a
Conlang post turned up in Google)

I also think Tamas Racsko (who hasn't posted for a while) might know. He
posted about Hungarian and Polish, so he probably knows about Estonian too.
I'll drop him and Ferenc a line.