This is another selection from the Hetiha (Peasants' Revolt) manuscripts I am
transcribing. It has a more folktale-like tone but supposedly describes the
personal life
of one of the Hetiha leaders.
John Leland

Galiba ge Tigaka
Greenman and Treewoman

Galiba diwi ba-ye wa-me veba fugefe
Greenman young man's time-in he many
wa-fe-me tigaha-me wivejo-mi
times-in forest-in was going,
ga-fe cho-gi ge bo-gi. Se kere
plants see-to and take-to. This from
veba by zawa-me fugefi tiga-te fugeli
he one day-in very big tree-on very lovely
liga wifo-mi wicho. Veba fugegu
flower was growing saw.  He very gladly
liga ch-gi fugefe-wa-fe (me) wiwevejo.
flower see-to many times (in) returned.
Sepe by zawa-me liga he se tiga-te
But one day flower not this tree-on
Fugeli diwi ka tiga-ne wichojamajo-mi.
Very lovely young womam tree-under was weeping.
Veba veka-be wihelevaro: "Hele kere
He her-to asked: "What from
feka chojamajo-mi-hi?" Veka wiwevaro:
youweeping-query?" She replied:
"Seba-ye fugeli liga hevi tibafa-je
My very lovely flower evil giant ape-by
wibo-si. Galiba wivaro: "Seba feka-ye liga wefebo-vi.
taken-was." Greenman said: "I your flower bring back-will."

Ky-i Diha
Second Part

Galiba tigaha-le wivejo,
Greenman forest-through went,
fugefi tiga-be lebe wivejo.
very big tree-to until came.
Fugefi tiga-te fugefi fugebi
Very big tree-on very big very fierce
fibafa widyhevejo. Vefa fugeli
giantape wassitting. He very lovely
liga wibo-mi. Galiba vefa-de
flower was holding. Greenman him-to
wituvaro: "Fefa tiga-ke vejo-bi ge
shouted:"You tree-from come-must and
ge seba-pe wobo-bi" Sepe fibafa
and me-against fight-must. But great ape
hefe wiguvo. Galiba giga-fe wibo
only laughed. Greenman sweet plants took
ge gima wijo. Gima-ye sla fibafa-be
and arrak made. Arrak-of smell ape-to
wivejo. Vefa gu se sla wislo.
came. He gladly this smell smelled.
ge tiga-ke nethe wivejo gima go-gi.
and tree-from down came arrak drink-to.
Gima mo-mi, tibafa wiyo.
Arrak drinking, great ape slept.
Galiba vefa-ke liga wibo, ge tigaka-de
Greenman animal-from took, and treewoman-to
wiwevejo ge veka-be liga wiwefebo.
returned and her-to flower brought back.
Re veka veba wigiyo.
So she him loved.

Dy-i Diha
Third Part

Tigaka Galiba-be bada widako.
Treewoman Greenman-to son bore.
Veka veda veka-ye tiga-ne wineko.
She child her tree-under put down.
Veda-ye dakoba bada febo-mi veba-ye
His father son taking his
difibasa-de wiwevejo ge bada
village-to returned and son
difibasa-me wifuwo. Sepe Galiba
village-in grew. But Greenman
fugefewa-le Tigaka-ye tiga-be
many times-thru Treewoman's tree-to
wiwevejo ge veka wigiyo. Fugefe
returned and her loved. Many
fizawa-fe-ve, Galiba ze fugewi
years-after, Greenman now very old
tiva-ye tifisa-me wivejo ge hewa-me
god's mountain-in went and nothing-in
wiwevejo. Se kere, Tigaka tifisa-me
returned. This-from, Treewoman mountain-in
fege wivejo ge hewa-me wiwevejo.
also went and notime-in returned.
Veka wivejo-mi-wa-ve, veka-ye
She wasgoing time-in, her
tiga wiwono, sepe tiga-te fugefe liga-fe fo.
tree died, but tree-on many flowers grow.
Copied 3.20.04