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>> Actually, geography is not necessary to have a multitude of dialects.
>> You=20
>> don't even need distance! Look at the Netherlands: probably the
>> flatest=20
>> country of the world, and a small one at that, and yet such a
>> multitude
>> of=
>> =20
>> dialects that it's common on TV to *subtitle* Dutch people just like
>> people=
>> =20
>> speaking a foreign language!
> I've noticed a slight trend among some shows in the US to subtitle
> people
> who have very strong regional US accents, such as a thick southern
> twang.
> I've always been able to understand any US accent i've heard, but
> apparently the people who run these shows feel a need to subtitle the
> people speaking on them.

It's been my impression that subtitles are used where the sound quality
isn't great *and* the regional accent is rather pronounced.

I do remember being amused that the Dutch subtitled Belgians. I'm sure
the Belgians return the favor.

Dirk Elzinga
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"I believe that phonology is superior to music. It is more variable and
its pecuniary possibilities are far greater." - Erik Satie