Because of the current discussion, I read the Ithkuil pages about
degree, because I wanted to compare the system to that of S7.  And --
S7 has more degrees!  How come any language has *more* distinctions
than Ithkuil?? :-)))

However, it is very interesting that the basic scale has 9 steps in
both systems.  They were definitely designed independently, since I
started S7 before I know about Ithkuil and published it after Ithkuil
was published, so no contact is possible.  Is there a universal degree
distinction preference?

The difference is, S7 has more than one scale: a fine-grained degree
scale with 9 steps, which is very much like Ithkuil, a coarse-grained
degree scale, which only has 3 steps, and a vague degree scale with 9
steps.  Thus in total, S7 (currently) has 21 degrees.  The vague scale
might need rethinking, so the number might change.

Moreover, the realisation is also similar: mainly by vowels and
combinable with different consonants for different types of degree.

Funny. :-)


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