Chris Bates <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Lisp is supposedly good for that sort of thing too, but it
> suffers from serious bracket addiction a la C. Not elegant at all.

Suffers?  Not elegant??  What do you mean?  It is very, very, very,
very nice and concise! :-)

Lisp has another great advantage over other languages: there is no
difference between data and code.  Therefore, you usually do not write
any parsers for your data files, but simply write the data as Lisp.

I love that language! :-)

Ok, a layout rule would be nice...


PS: It is not an ultimate love, though.  For conlanging, a good
    mixture of Lisp, Perl and C++ serves me best.  I should not
    program in C++, though; it is so primitive and yet so
    unnecessarily complex.  I'm definitely not in love with it.  I
    will switch to Haskell or Clean in the future, I promise.