* Garth Wallace said on 2004-04-02 09:41:00 +0200
> John Cowan wrote:
> >Paul Bennett scripsit:
> >
> > >Ah, nuts.
> > >
> > >Linux here, so the whole .EXE thing is not my scene.
> >
> > is your friend; this is the kind of program
> >Wine was designed to run.
> Hmm...WINE seems to run the installer without errors. But I have no
> idea where it put the app. :(

Currently running Toolbox in Wine here, there are some graphics
artifacts but apart from that it works fine.

To find where things are put, the brute force sledgehammer on linuxes and
bsds is to use "locate".

Refresh the database:
    - linux:
        1. be root
        2. run 'updatedb' (it is run once a week usually but I'm impatient)
    - bsd (possibly also macosX):
        1. be root
        2. run '/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb' (see comment for linux)

    - be yourself
    - run 'locate Toolbox.exe'


Now the really old-fashioned brute force method is to use
'find / -name Toolbox.exe -print' but it is slow and, well, old.

t., whose fever just said byebye so hopefully there will be an
    easter-vacation this year