* Benct Philip Jonsson said on 2004-04-01 11:25:40 +0200
> ObConLangSoftware:  does anyone know how to make a lexicon
> in Shoebox/Toolbox without doing any interlinears?

Ah, you just make a new record in the dictionary-file and fill things
in. You have to do most of that with interlinears anyway, since what
*box does for you is discover that it isn't already in the dictionary
and adding the word (but not the meaning or part of speech and all the
rest). It is really another good thing with the *boxes that you *can*
add/change the files just using an editor...

Looks like this (very basic):

\lx the_word
\ps part_of_speech
\ge gloss (one word "meaning")
\de definition (longer definition of meaning)
\cf crossref (to some other lx)
\nt notes
\dt date (in mm/dd/yyyy)