--- David Peterson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got a very, very strange e-mail today, and I


> So, what do you think?  It sounds fishy...  Yet,
> it’s hard to imagine how it could be a scam.
> After all, they’re not asking for any money (yet).
> -David

Well, I can think of one possibility.  Identity theft.
 I those PDF forms, they probably ask for your SSN and
other personal information perhaps including your bank
account number for electronic transfer of funds?
Those two bits of info could be used to drain you dry.

I'd look up the quoted bill and see if it in anyway
relates to funding the arts to begin with.  Then I'd
definitely want to talk to them over the phone to be
sure they actually exist.  The poor grammar in a
supposedly official communication is not altogether
unbelieveable in an email form someone working for the
government, but it is a bit fishy.

Be careful, but if it is real . . . WOW!


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