Mark J. Reed wrote:

> Affricativization (verbing weirds language!) of initial voiceless
> stops ([t] -> [ts], [p] -> [pf]); that's interesting.  A response to the
> English-speakers' aspiration of what are in native monolingual Spanish
> unaspirated stops, perhaps?

I figured this was Verner (or was it Grimm) reincarnated.  Come to think of
it, maybe there ought to be a Great Vowel Shift or two as well..........:-))

I assumed also, that the shift /r/ > l was due to general Chinese takeover
of the entire world somewhere down the road.

> I don't know where <siedzha> comes from; if <tierra>, it seems
> a bit inconsistent with the rest of the shifts.  I'd expect <tsiela> or
> maybe <tshela> or some such.
It is "tierra"; the "rr" has an africated pronunciation (like Czech r-hacek,
I've been told) in some regions.  Likewise initial /r/, but I didn't notice
that in the text........