Gary Shannon
> I was wondering if anyone knew of a font that has the
> characters from 17th century English like the "s" that
> looks like "f", and the odd ligatures they used back
> then.

If you're looking for free fonts, I recommend the Illinois
Shakespeare Festival Folio Font (derived directly from the
typeface of the Folio). The old url
isn't working for me, but maybe one of the zillion free
font sites has it available.

For unfree fonts:

The latter (which is on my to buy list) is probably more
suitable for your needs.

Both these fonts are facsimiles, so have the grunged up
look of books actually printed in C17. For smooth fonts
that incorporate the characters you mention, there is a
much wider range of options (on which I'd be glad to
advise on the basis of my limited knowledge), but I can't
think of any that are free.