Hey all!

I'm back after a lengthy absence......

and I'm working on something extremely implausible and ridiculous :D

What's the sampa for IPA small caps G (v+ uvular stop) ?

How about for voiced labiodental stop?

Voiceless retroflex lateral fricative: /K`/ ? and voiced /K\`/ ?

I've little problem with the phonetics...but I'll be having questions re
verbs as time goes by. Not only does this language have an absurd phonetic
stock containing almost (not quite) every IPA symbol (well, those that I
can easily articulate, are there) - with tones, rhotic/non-rhotic phonemic
distinction, nasal/non-nasal phonemic distinction, dental/alveolar
phonemic distinction, clicks and ejectives, but it is as agglutinative as
Hungarian...and I want the most obnoxiously complex verb system as I can
manage. Any natlang have something like, dubitative past future ? (I doubt
he will have been)