SAMPA is taxing to use, heh...

Anyways, here are the numbers one to ten in Ridiculese (it's base-60, like
Sumerian, but I can't be arsed to SAMPA-ify all the 60 right now...)

1. !\E~_Hk_>A:_B_L
2. t_Ty_LK`O_B  (/t_T/ is a dental affricate, is that how to use the _?)
3. N\Q:_R_F
4. X\o:_H_T|\|\6~_X_M
5. 3:_Rt_dy_X_H
6. z`O:_H_T
7. !\e~:_Ht_Ti_M
8. 3\:_F
9. NE_^?E_M?q_>7_H
10. sktk@\:_R_F

Some phonological notes.

There's no vowel harmony as such, but there is vowel-to-consonant harmony,
whatever you want to call it, here's how it works:

Bilabials, labiodentals and dentals can only be followed by a front vowel;
Alveolars and postalveolars can be followed by front or central vowels;
Retroflexes, palatals and velars can be followed by central or back vowels;
Uvulars, pharyngeals and glottals can only be followed by back vowels.
Exception: any vowel may follow a glottal stop.
The above rules apply to ejectives as well.

There are only two clicks, and they are special:
Postalveolar click /!\/ can only be followed by a nasal front or central
Alveolar lateral click /|\|\/ can only be followed by a nasal central or
back vowel.

Though a nasal vowel MUST follow a click, they are not restricted to
following clicks; they can occur after any type of consonant, pulmonic or

That's it for now....