Wow, I'm making headway today! I come up with two radical (?) morphological
concepts in one day.

Tech verbs and adjectives mark with a low vowel: @, i (< @j) or u (< @w);
activity is marked by a high vowel: a, e (< aj) or o (< aw):

m@l 'he was good'
mal 'he made (someone/thing) good'

X\w@l 'he perished'
X\wal 'he destroyed'

I decided to apply this principle to nouns:

kw@lp 'dog'
kwalp 'dog-maker, someone/thing that transforms someone/thing else into a

Causative, reflexive and other prefixes can be applied to this one, and
possibly even directional preverbs, I guess. Nouns can already be conjugated
like verbs using direct object markers to indicate origin and indirect
object to indicate possessor/benefactor. One could say "the dog which I gave
her" in one word. Haven't worked that quite out yet for Tech. Crazy
polysynthetic idea though....

So does this sound reasonable? Any natlang precedent?