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> > On Thursday, April 8, 2004, at 09:21 AM, Tristan
> > McLeay wrote:
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> >
> > Quite so - and it strikes me that Vesuvius was
> > sleeping pretty furiously
> > in the years leading up 79 CE - if only the people
> > of Pompeii hadn't been
> > lulled into the idea that it was sleeping
> > peacefully!
> Anyone in the midst of an angry nightmare, tossing
> and
> turning and mumbling angrily in his sleep could
> certainly be said to be sleeping furiously.

It's impossible to toss and turn and mumble (angrily
or otherwise) while having a nightmare (or any other
dream). You become paralysed. (As far as your brain
knows, the dream is real life, so if you weren't
paralysed, you'd be running away from the monsters in
your dream etc. etc. etc.) On the other hand, night
terrors would make you look like what people would
think you look like when you're having nightmares,
except that you aren't dreaming while having them.

(It's possible to have sleep paralysis while awake,
though, and based on some accounts, I seem to have
experienced just that last week. It was terrifying: I
thought there was someone in my room trying to
suffocate me.)



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