Danny Wier <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Just so happens I'm looking for stuff on Inuit languages.

Me, too. :-)

> Not much online,
> but I did find some RealPlayer-format news from CBC in Inuktitut (the kind
> they speak in Nunavut).

Do you have a link?  I'm very interested in it.

> I can't find a decent description of Greenlandic
> (Kalaallisut) phonology/orthography, but I'm sure it's not much different
> than Canadian or Alaskan.

I have a short piece of .wav from a Greenlandic film.  You can hear a phone
call in it.  I put it on my homepage:

Further, I bought a nice book recently.  It contains concise grammar
and phonology descriptions:

    Title:        A Grammar of Kalaallisut: (West Greenlandic Inuttut)
    Written By:   Jerrold M Sadock (University of Chicago)
    Series Title: Languages of the World/Materials 162
    Year:         2003
    Publisher:     Lincom GmbH
    Linguistic Field(s): Language Description
    Subject Language(s): Inuktitut, Greenlandic

Lincom is here:

A striking difference between Kalaallisut and other Inuit languages is
that the 'typical' -kt- and -qt- clusters to not exist: they collapse
into geminate -tt-, thus 'Inuktitut' is not a phonologically correct
word in Kalaallisut.

> Since I want Tech to be highly inflected and polysynthetic,

The above book claims that Kalaallisut has the longest morpheme chains
of the Inuit-Aleut family. :-)

I'm very interested in Tech! I'd like to compare it with S7 (which is
still heavily work in progress).