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Here is a simple example of the three classical
speech registers in Vilani (nowadays most people
only use the peer-to-peer grammar, with special
affixes and words to indicate an upwards or
downwards register).

I saw the girl to whom you returned the pig.
("I saw the girl who you returned the pig to her.")

Peer register (no special tones):
Askhed shishii lu isshugina shalap ka-ruu.

Downwards register (pitch-accent):
Ash'khed. shi.shii' lu is' sha.lap' ka-ruu.

Upwards register (tones in G C D E?):
Ashkhed shishii lu isshugina shalap ka-ruu.
E  D    C  D    C  E  C G G  C  E   D  C