Yes, "l'Hexagone" is a synonym for France, thus
"hexagonal" is sometimes used as a synonym for
"French" (there is a book called "Parlez-vous
hexagonal ?", which refers to administrative French).
If you look at a map of France, you surely will notice
that is has the shape of a nearly perfect hexagon. Its
climate and situation are also nearly perfect. In
fact, nearly everything is perfect and harmonious in
France. Anyway, that's what we were told at school.
Why shouldn'it be true ?

(By contrast, I always thought that USA look like a
horsesaddle, and the climate there is absolutely
horrible, not to speak about cooking).

--- "Mark J. Reed" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Quebecois, on the other hand, are also proud of
> their dialect, but
> > concede that hexagonal French is the standard
> variety:
> Hexagonal?
> -Mark

Philippe Caquant

"High thoughts must have high language." (Aristophanes, Frogs)

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