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>En réponse à Javier BF :
>>Yet, Spaniards are consummate international travelers
>>nowadays (apart from restless national travelers), within
>>Europe at least. I haven't been to anywhere in this continent
>>where I didn't find loads of fellow countrymen, only the
>>ubiquitous Japanese tourists seem to be more abundant.
>What about the Dutch? They seem always to find their way everywhere ;)))

    Global tourism most be one of the subconscious factors in my "sci-fi"
conlang _goomeelegoo_ bein' loosely based on a de-construction of Dutch,
Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and English (& pidgins & creoles thereof)
etc. ;)
    In the past, some pidgins arose from the maritime trade. Nowadays pidgins
can arise from the tourist trade &/or the emergency aidworkers' "trade." *
And the specific languages I mentioned above are rather dominant in both trades.

* supposedly there are UNESCO/Red Cross efforts to create AidSpeak similar to
SeaSpeak and AirSpeak but more international Interlingua-like "restricted
language" than the English-based SeaSpeak and AirSpeak ones. If anyone has more
specifics on this AidSpeak, I'd love to know more...

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