I find the idea of a verb meaning for ex "to be a dog"
unsatisfactory. Anayway, saying so just means that the
corresponding word will behave, syntactically, like a
verb. Thus, we could have an English verb like "to
dog", for ex: I dog, he dogs, I dogged, I have dogged,
etc., meaning I am a dog, he is a dog, I was a dog, I
have been a dog (is this really useful ?)

But what I mean is that, if you have a verb meaning
"to be a dog", first this can mean several things:
- A chinchilla is a dog (a kind-of a dog)
- Rex is a dog (an instance of a dog)
- He is a dog (he behaves like a dog)
- (probably more)

Then why wouldn't we have verbs like:
- to be black (Rex has an external colour property of
black: Rex blacks ?)
- to be tired (Rex is tired, he is in a temporary
physical state of tireness: Rex tires ?)
- to be happy (Rex is in a temporary mental state of
happiness: Rex happies ?)
- to be dead (Rex is in a definite [irreversible]
state of being-dead: Rex deads ?)
- to be playful (Rex had a playful behaviour: Rex
playfuls ?)
- to be in another place (spatial concept: Rex absents
- to be the son of (Rex was Lassie's son: Rex sonned
Lassie ?)
- to be married (Rex's master is in a particular
social relation with somebody: Rex's master marrieds
- to be an example (Rex was an example for all dogs in
this country: Rex exampled ?)
- to be three (there were three dogs in the street:
dogs threed in the street ?)
- etc, etc.

So in the end, nearly everything could be a verb, but
what is it good ? (sorry: everything verbables, but
what goods it ?)

(Imagine for ex you have a verb meaning: to come on
the next day [to nextdaycome]...)

--- takatunu <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Maybe you would like to introduce in your thread the
> concepts of "Verb vs.
> Noun" and "Predicate vs. Argument".
> The predicates "is a dog" or "eats" may be made of
> words or lexies that are
> classified as a noun (+ copula in English) or a
> verb.
> A verb is a lexy that is simply "ready to use" as a
> predicate.
> .

Philippe Caquant

"High thoughts must have high language." (Aristophanes, Frogs)

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