10 Satritain Sentences:

1. I'm very tired today.
gahke ilum oh sul da
"am-I sleepy very day this"

2. You shouldn't say that.

3. He went there yesterday.
taqtliqde sul ig
"has-he-gone-there day yester"

4. I gave it to her yesterday.
tihgauhkeda aqko sul ig
"has-give-I-that her-to day yester"

5. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
kihtliqje ikewit monluinko chassel kndeh af qa.
"will-go-you I-with dinner-to night perhaps-not coming [query]"*

6. I like that fish soup.
theske baet akyor da
"prefer-I soup fishy that"

7. The conversation did not go well.
tihgahsanamm huich
"was-good-not-the speaking"

8. I hadn't thought of that.

9. He was standing by the door.
taqhochi imitkngdei
"had-he-stood door-by"

10. He was talking by the stairs.
taqhuich irseeldei
"was-speaking stairs-by"

* In order to discuss future events, the Satritain language does not
represent intentional states so much as it negotiates the future as factual
scenarios which have already taken place. For example, to ask someone out to
dinner politely, you simply state that they probably won't go to dinner with
you in the future. The other party does not respond with a desire or an
intention, but with either a correction or an affirmation.