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> >People who have actually experienced the binary hue
> >that results from combining the blue and yellow percepts
> >have described the experience as seeing a colour they
> >had never seen before, and of course they had seen green
> >before.
> Nifty.  How do I go about having the experience of combining the blue &
> yellow percepts?  I'd like to see a new color.

    So would I !
    But this has me wondering:  what would someone
with synesthesia do with seeing new colors?
Would he/she experience new, previously unknown
musical elements? Or would it translate
out into "beats" such as when two musical instruments
are slightly out of tune with each other? (Or like the complex
beats heard at the start of my latest band practice
when _everybody_ was slightly out of tune with everybody
else! And I'm not including the trombone player, who
was doing it intentionally!  ;-)   )

Dan Sulani
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