Javier BF
> White is an epitome of purity in all cultures.


So, somebody did a study of ALL CULTURES and determined that, in each of
those cultures, the "epitome of purity" meme was both present and
associated with the color white.

Must've been a DARPA grant.

> When trying to understand the working of human vision,
> one has to keep in mind that the cone receptors are just
> the beginning of the story and that the tri-stimulus
> signal that is generated by them is then processed through
> a neuronal network that results in an _perceptual_ space
> organized into three axes: the luminance axis (with
> white and black at the extremes) and two hue axes (the
> red-versus-green and the yellow-versus-blue ones). It is
> these six basic percepts what form the actual building
> blocks of our colour experience, and not the three kinds
> of cones, which merely define the tri-stimulus signal
> space that is useful for prompting retinal responses by
> mixing lighwaves, retinal responses that only when
> further processed by our visual neuronal network generate
> in our minds the perception of the intended colours.

So, why do people perceive GREEN as BLUE+YELLOW?

-- Mark