Another newbie question, I'm afraid ...

One thing that has struck me in going through the P4 spec is the absence
(apparently) of some obvious elements/tags: there seem not to be
elements such as "chapter", "preface", "introduction" etc.

I can see that these elements are handled with div or divn tags, but
this seems a little unsatisfactory to me. Compare

    <div type="chapter"> . . . </div>


    <chapter> . . . </chapter>

The second is preferable (to me anyway) for several reasons: (a) it's
shorter; (b) it's more obvious to the eye; and (c) it simplifies XML
processing, in so far as you only have to ask for a chapter, rather than
"a div of type chapter". The closing tag also make things more explicit
at the end of the block.

Probably the designers of TEI had good reasons to use div rather than
more explicit elements -- if so I'd be pleased to hear about them. But
maybe these should be considered for P5? Seems odd to me that we have
elements defined for things like epigraphs and notes, not to mention
paragraphs, but don't have elements for the more "gross" structure of a
book. There aren't that many, and they're well defined in such works as
the Chicago Manual of Style.



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