>> On the European bank notes (billets de banque), the word EURO is written
>> the Latin and Greek alphabets. Will we have new banknotes when
>> join?
>I'm sure they will and it'll be EBPO.

The funny thing is that neither EYPO nor EBPO are written
with letters which obviously do not belong to the Latin
set. That is, many uninformed people could simply assume
hat EYPO and EBPO are just weird words for "euro" in
*Latin* characters from some obscure European Union
language. It would be much interesting to have a Greek
psi or a Cyrillic ya on the euro banknotes.

>I'll be interesting if/when Israel
>(and perhaps Lebanon) joins and both Hebrew and Arabic become official.

I've never understood what is the logic of having Israel
in Eurovision, given that Israel is definitely not in Europe.