Peter Bleackley wrote:

>I've been having difficulty translating the above phrase into Khanga■yagon.
>Would anyone like to post translations of it into their language, with
>glosses, to see if I can get inspiration from them?

Here's it is in Rhean:

Yen jutueka emiryok bekicit kudaiz.

yen - us (accusative)
jutueka - govern ("infinitive" in the genitive case)
emiryok - authority, jurisdiction, power (in this sense; accusative)
bekicit - foreigner (plural dative)
kudaiz - give (simple past third person plural)

That last word could be replaced by:

cinaiz - "they handed over" (our previous rulers granted this area and
everyone in it to some foreign crowd)
dantenaiz - "they gave up" (they surrendered to foreigners who took over)

"Yen jutueka emiryok" could also be "▄ze yezem emiryok", which would be a
more literal translation of "rule over us".