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> Oh, I see now.  Thanks.  The best way might have been:
> So, a "deguster une cuisine a l'ancienne dans un
> cadre delicieusement vieillot" is not only popular
> with "des gens vieux jeu portant des vetements
> demodes", on the contrary, it could be considered very
> fashionable.
> Or with the formal grammar you chose you could have
> used "chic" rather than "fashionable" to further
> elevate the style.  Noticably French words in English
> sentances still have a good deal of snob value.

Incl "chic"? For me, in Swedish, _chic_ has an informal ring to it - it's use
suggests an informal, relaxed trendiness (or, if you're out of luck, a pathetic
attempt at suggesting informal, relaxed trendiness).

For some reason, it's got borrowed as [SIk] - French [S] usually becomes [x].