Peter Bleackley wrote:

>I've been having difficulty translating the above phrase into
>Would anyone like to post translations of it into their language, with
>glosses, to see if I can get inspiration from them?
In hideous X-SAMPA, the Ithkuil translation would be:  "XUwEks`
q_hU?"wMmpIw  SE_H  Un"n=  "UlaEz  (the first, 2nd, and 4th words have
falling tone, the third has high tone, and the last has falling-rising
tone).  A simplified morphological breakdown (i.e., showing non-default
categories) is as follows:

"XUwEks`  =
unbounded 3rd party + EFFECTUATIVE case + permissive enablement suffix
= 'they allow (it) to happen (that)...'

q_hU?"wMmpIw  =
AGGREGATIVE configuration + 'person' + ERGATIVE case + suffix
indicating "foreign-ness"
= 'group of foreign persons (makes some entity do something)'

SE_H  =
speaker + unbounded addressee + mixed third parties + ABSOLUTIVE case
= 'we (are made to do something)'

Un"n=  =
= [indicates following verb has two participants acting/functioning in a
complementary relationship (in this case ruling/oversight vs.

"UlaEz  =
ASSOCIATIVE affiliation + 'submit to /comply with /obey governance or law'
(derived from root L-Z 'rule/guide/manage/govern')
= 'submit to rule of law (of someone)'

Thus, loosely:  'They allow the foreigners to make us submit to their
[i.e., the foreigners'] rule.'

--John Q.