At 18:06 4.5.2004, Rob Haden wrote:
>  The partitive case is a
>feature of the Balto-Finnic languages which derived it from the earlier
>ablative in -tA.  Semantically, this makes sense: ablative means "from X,"
>which can be construed to mean "from the whole of X" (singular) or "from
>the set of X" (plural).

This makes sense also WRT the development of the
Finnish local case system, where the ablative is
from *-l-tA and the elative from *-s-tA.

At 00:37 6.5.2004, Henrik Theiling wrote:
>Rob Haden <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> > I thought X-SAMPA for // was /2/.
>/2/ is the IPA 'slashed o'.
>Mnemonic: a similar slash is in the glyph '2'.
>I found it very hard to remember, so I found my mnemonic. :-)

A very good mnemonic!

BTW I would not use /E/ for Finnish __, but rather
CXS /&/ (X-SAMPA /{/).  In my possibly erroneous
understanding /E/ would rather be FUPA _e*_
(Small epsilon).

/BP 8^)
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