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> [...]

> This all written on a surface of 4 x 5 cm, that is,
> about the size of a standard stamp from Mongolia. The
> matchbox is made in Czech Republic. Now wait ! That
> was only 12 languages. But on the 1st of May (in three
> days !) there will be 25 countries in the European
> Union. So they will soon have to add Hungarian,
> Estonian, Maltese and Slovak, among others
> (including... Czech).

And while we're still on the 1st of May...

<UTF-8 ¡¡¡¡¡UNICODE ALERT!!!!!>

Tere tulemast to the Estonians
Sveiki atvyke to the Lituanians
Laipni lūdzam to the Latvians
Merhba to the Maltese
Üdvözlöm to the Hungarians
Dobrodošel to the Slovenes
Vitame vás to the Slovaks
Vítejte to the Czechs
Witajcie to the Polish
Καλωσορίσατε to the Cypriots


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