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Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 10:12 PM
Subject: Re: Appel à une autre manifestation

> You can see a short TV clip of the original "Europa Bunto" demonstration
> , at "Editions Regionales", click on "19/20"
> "Alsace".

I can see the clip with Real Player, but I can't download it.

How could I save it on my computer? I use Windows XP. I tried a right click
on "19/20", I selected "Enregistrer la cible sous" (Save target as) and I
got the error message "Internet Explorer ne peut télécharger de void(0);.
Internet Explorer n'a pas pu ouvrir ce site Internet. Le site requis n'est
pas disponible ou n'a pas pu être trouvé. Réessayez ultérieurement."
(Internet Explorer can't download from void(0);. Internet Explorer was not
able to open this Internet site. The required site is not available or could
not be found. Try again later.)

> It's about four minutes into the program, after a clip having to
> do with the enlargement of the EU.

Really? I saw only 25 seconds.

> If I understand the French narration
> correction, there were some 200 people in the demonstration.

approximately 250.

> I could not see from the film if Alexandre's counter-demonstration
> or not.

I couldn't too.

Jean-François Colson
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