Amanda Babcock scripsit:

> I typed into our brand new PC AT with DOS (ooh!)



My PC AT ran Unix, of course ... which I bought from Microsoft.  It was
called "Xenix", because AT&T wasn't licensing the Unix name in those
days, but it was genuine, honest-to-ken licensed AT&T source code.  The C
compiler, however, was Microsoft's, the remote ancestor of Visual C++:
as a result, I just had to change one line in my Makefiles to add the
-dos switch to cc, and I could generate DOS executables for my friends
and colleagues.  Ultimate coolness.

I remember thinking that the 10 MB hard drive was way more than I'd ever
be able to use, even after loading Xenix from about a dozen high-density
(i.e. 720K) floppy disks.


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