Is the following syntax workable (naturalistic) _and_ unusual * ? (Does
it make sense? ;)

* (I like the idea of the  {Demonstrative  + Adj. +  Number + Classifier}
ordering violating the usual "universal")

    What problems - if any - would occur if a syntax/word-order was, i.e.:

    (TMA +) V (+ADV.) SUBJ. (+ADJ.)(+Rel. C.) Prep./Loc. OBJ. (+ADJ.)(+Rel.

    TMA =   TenseMoodAspect
    V =         Verb
    ADV. =  Adverb/Modifier(s)
    SUBJ. = Subject/Agent
    ADJ. =  Adjective/Modifier(s) {Demonstrative  + Adj. +  Number +
    Rel. C. = Relative Clause(s)
    Prep./Locative = Preposition/Locative//Path/State-Condition(al)
    Obj. = Object/Patient

    In another words - simply, the verb phrase has modifiers on both sides
but the noun phrases have right-branching modifiers.

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"Poems are sketches for existence." - Paul Celan

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"Poetic creation still remains an act of perfect spiritual freedom. Poetry
remakes & prolongs language; every poetic language begins by being a secret
language, that is, the creation of a personal universe, of a completely closed
world." - Mircea Eliade

"For one who has abandoned craving and is free from grasping, who is skilled
in etymology and terms, knowing the groupings and sequences of letters,
this is the final birth. This one is called the Great Being, the Great Sage."
_Dhammapada_ (24.19)

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